Cards & Quests

Welcome to Cards & Quests! This new game is designed for players who enjoy fantasy RPGs and want to try card based mechanics.  This system is not based in a specific setting and can be used in any fantasy setting the Game Master chooses.

Cards & Quests features several unique concepts:

  • All mechanics are based on using a standard deck of 52 cards.  Each player uses their own deck and the GM uses a separate deck.
  • Magic and skills are based on eight elements that replace the idea of a profession or class
  • Skill and magic resolution follow the same basic rules
  • Using cards instead of dice presents a combination of chance and strategy to the players and GM

Cards & Quests also allows players some control over their ability to succeed and lets characters have access to the greatest amount of skills and spells while keeping the game balanced. Both low-level and high-level characters are exciting to play in this RPG.

For Game Masters, the easy and intuitive rules make for simple adventure creation and allows them to draw upon their story-telling abilities while running a balanced game that all their players will enjoy!

How to Play

Download Character Sheets


Cards & Quests is published by Skirmisher Publishing LLC and developed by Fox & Ox Creations LLC.

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