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Allison and Todd Markello are game designers that have just published their first board game, Bureaunauts, with the help of backing on Kickstarter.   They founded Fox & Ox Creations in 2015 after Allison quit her marketing job in Oil and Gas sector to pursue a career in the gaming industry full time. Fox & Ox’s first game, Cards & Quests RPG, was published by Skirmisher Publishing. A new adventure module and game expansion for Cards & Quests will be published in late 2016 by Skirmisher Publishing.

Bureaunauts, a game of space exploration and bureaucracy for 2–6 players, is now available on Amazon Prime.

Todd and Allison Markello live in Houston, Texas with their son. They are adventurous eaters, writers, world travelling shellbacks, and huge fans of the Houston Rockets. Allison is active on social media under the handle @Fox_OxCreations, FoxandOxCreations on Board Game Geek, and through the Fox & Ox Creations Facebook Page.

If you have any questions for us, please send an email to allison@foxandoxcreations.com

Todd, Allison, and their intern, Reed

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