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East End Comic Fan Fest

We’ll be making our way over to the East End of Houston for the new comic festival they are doing. Our setup will only be for Saturday March 25th as we have a lot of things going on right now.  But one day should be enough to check it out. It looks to be an exciting, new festival in Houston for all things geek. (link)


Games are sent and now on

Click to go to to buy Bureaunauts

It’s official, Amazon has the latest addresses and the last leg of shipping is close to completion (some have even shipped)! All Non Us Backers should receive their games in mid march–tracking numbers should come any day now.  All US backers should be receiving their games in 3-5 business days shipped by Amazon.

I hope you enjoy Bureaunauts as much as we enjoyed making it. All of the backers have made this a wonderful and amazing experience. It has always been a dream of ours and we could not have made it a reality without you.

Thank you again for your support and please leave a review either on BGG or Amazon! If your friends like it, please tell them to check out our Amazon listing or BGG page.

For the rest of the rewards:

The t-shirts have been shipped and delivered.  I sent the tracking numbers out via Kickstarter messages.

We will be working with Firefly Lasers tomorrow to get the box inserts finished. We will be mailing those out as soon as we have them. We will be sending out the space helmets with the box inserts.

We have emailed out the Print & Play versions.  If you don’t see it in your email please check your spam folder.  Let me know if you can’t find it and I will send again.

In other news, we will be at Magcon 9 in Humble and Comicpalooza in Houston. If you are around, please stop by. We would love to see any and all at these events! Again, thank you for your support, we are so close to the finish line!

Thank you and huzzah,


OwlCon 2017

We met new and old friends at Owl Con 2017.  As always, Rice University students put on a great con.  It was more organized than ever before and the snacks were easy to come by, but the bars were closed.  That would be the only bad point. All-in-all it was a fantastic con with a great theme this year! SuperbowlCon

Rumor Card Draws for a city tavern

There are three things that make for a good tavern; strong drinks, a skillful bard, and the patrons’ gossip regarding local happenings. But, sometimes even the best of Game Masters can get caught off guard when it comes to the more inconsequential aspects of a gaming session, like alehouse rumors. The next time your players ask what their characters overhear while enjoying a round in a city tavern, just draw the top card off your deck and provide them with the rumor that corresponds to the card’s value:

Ace = Mysterious figures, clad in gray robes with purple sashes, have been spotted recently throughout the city. No one knows who they are or what they are doing in town.

2 = The Thieves’ Guild has been training ravens to steal keys and coin purses from people shopping at the bazaar.

3 = The statue in front of the Magistrate’s citadel is no statue at all, but actually a magically petrified criminal.

4 = A chandler sells candles that burn for three times as long as those made by others because he uses tallow rendered from the carcasses of a particular species of monster.

5 = If you look at the sundial in the central plaza under the light of a full moon, strange symbols become visible on its surface.

6 = The notorious highwayman that has been robbing merchant caravans headed for the city is the Duke’s illegitimate son.

7 = Unusual gold pieces from a foreign land have been circulating recently and become especially sought after, the foreign coins contain slightly more gold than domestic coinage.

8 = The holy relics of several temples have disappeared, sometimes during the middle of ceremonies and worship.

9 = The Magistrate plants to impose heavy taxes on all sellswords in the city who are not members of the Adventurers’ Guild.

10 = A spectral watchman can be seen at night, patrolling the alleyways of the city’s slums.

Jack = There’s a blacksmith renowned for the quality of the weapons he creates and for his massive stature. He will make a masterwork quality weapon for the price of finely crafted one, but only if the customer can best him in a feat of strength.

Queen = A horde of giant rats lives in the city’s sewers. They come out at night to feed and are responsible for the recent disappearances of several beggars & vagrants.

King = If you see a watchman with a dagger sheathed on the right side of his belt, it means he works for the Thieves’ Guild.

The Game Master may use these as nothing more than drunken canards to add ambiance to a session or decide there is some truth to the rumors and employ them as adventure hooks. Even the most innocuous rumor can be developed into an adventure. Take #4; perhaps the chandler hires the characters to slay some of the monsters he needs to produce the tallow for his candles. Or, a less scrupulous rival may employ the characters to steal the chandler’s tallow recipe or force him out of business.


Monstrous Menagerie: the Olgoi Khorkhoi

Olgoi Khorkhoi

Power Level: High
Skill Modifier: +10
• Physical: 11
• Mental: 4
• Spirit: 6
• HP: 70
• Hand Size: 7
Damage Negation: -7, chitin scales
Melee Attack: Bite
• Damage: 20HP + Card Value
• Range: 5ft
Ranged: Spew Acid
• Damage: 10HP + Card Value
• Range: 30ft
Magic: Electrical Discharge
• Damage: 15HP + Card Value
• Range: 10ft x 10ft area damage, must be centered around the Olgoi Khorkhoi
Skill: Burrow
Skill Check: none
• The Olgoi Khorkhoi is able to move through sand at a speed of 10ft times the value of the card played.
ECD: 4
TCD: 1/party
Element: Mountain
Combat Action Suit: Clubs

Olgoi Khorkhois resemble gigantic worms, 10 feet long and 2 feet wide, with lamprey-like mouths and thick, blood red chitin. Inhabiting the most remote and acrid desert regions, they spend their time burrowing though the sand in a continuous search for prey. Having voracious appetites, Olgoi Khorkhois will continue to attack any creature they encounter until it is dead. Their acidic spray is corrosive and, if left undisturbed for an hour, will eat through any substance other than glass or magically protected objects. Olgoi Khorkhoi are known to devour their victims fully, leaving undigested treasure items or coinage in their intestinal tracts. The chitin of a dead Olgoi Khorkhoi can be fashioned into armor using the Leather Working skill (Primary Mountain), costing 2x what the equivalent leather armor would, but offering an additional -1 Damage Negation (see pg. 129 in the core rulebook).


OwlCon 2016 wrap up

OwlCon 2016 has come and gone, we hope you all had as much fun over the weekend as we did! This year we scarfed down tons of junk food, made lots of new acquaintances, ran a few sessions of Cards & Quests, and officially premiered Bureaunauts. Thanks to everyone who played our games and the great feedback you provided. We’re already looking forward to next year!