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OwlCon 2016 wrap up

OwlCon 2016 has come and gone, we hope you all had as much fun over the weekend as we did! This year we scarfed down tons of junk food, made lots of new acquaintances, ran a few sessions of Cards & Quests, and officially premiered Bureaunauts. Thanks to everyone who played our games and the great feedback you provided. We’re already looking forward to next year!


Getting Ready for ComicPalooza

The GM kitty named Penny

We are hard at work at Fox & Ox headquarters in the run up to ComicPalooza.  We have ordered 2 new banners, one of which we will be using at ComicPalooza for the Cards & Quests demo area.

We’ve also finished making all our pre-generated characters that we will be using for the demos.  We have 8 characters each representing one of the Primary Elements (elements are like skill sets) available in Cards & Quests.  All of these characters are made to be used in the awesome Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting. This fantasy setting is robust and allows for all aspects of Cards & Quests to be played out.  Hats off to Skirmisher Publishing for making such a well-rounded and interesting backdrop for adventuring!

On May 14 at 8 PM CST, I’ll (Allison) be on the d-infinity webcast discussing character creation.  It’s my first time on any webcast, so hopefully the internet camera is forgiving.  I’m excited to be joining the d-infinity crew and happy to be invited as a guest!

In other news, last weekend we held a couple game sessions and got this great picture of our GM kitty after the party died down…