Getting Ready for ComicPalooza

The GM kitty named Penny

We are hard at work at Fox & Ox headquarters in the run up to ComicPalooza.  We have ordered 2 new banners, one of which we will be using at ComicPalooza for the Cards & Quests demo area.

We’ve also finished making all our pre-generated characters that we will be using for the demos.  We have 8 characters each representing one of the Primary Elements (elements are like skill sets) available in Cards & Quests.  All of these characters are made to be used in the awesome Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting. This fantasy setting is robust and allows for all aspects of Cards & Quests to be played out.  Hats off to Skirmisher Publishing for making such a well-rounded and interesting backdrop for adventuring!

On May 14 at 8 PM CST, I’ll (Allison) be on the d-infinity webcast discussing character creation.  It’s my first time on any webcast, so hopefully the internet camera is forgiving.  I’m excited to be joining the d-infinity crew and happy to be invited as a guest!

In other news, last weekend we held a couple game sessions and got this great picture of our GM kitty after the party died down…