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OwlCon 2016 wrap up

OwlCon 2016 has come and gone, we hope you all had as much fun over the weekend as we did! This year we scarfed down tons of junk food, made lots of new acquaintances, ran a few sessions of Cards & Quests, and officially premiered Bureaunauts. Thanks to everyone who played our games and the great feedback you provided. We’re already looking forward to next year!


ApolloCon: Here We Come

Fire Deck along with the 7 other element decks are now available online!

We will have a table in the dealer room at ApolloCon and we will be running two Cards & Quests events on Friday the 19th at 8PM and Saturday the 20th at 2PM!  Though we have not attended this convention before, we think it overlaps nicely with our first game.  We are looking to meet other fiction writers and fellow gamers in the Houston Area.

In other news, all eight custom element decks for Cards & Quests are now available online at Drivethrurpg.com!  Our publisher, Skirmisher, has done an awesome job getting this online.  We will be working to release a new Game Master deck that has helpful tips and rules.

Lastly, we are finishing up our first boardgame, Bureaunauts. Brian, our artist for this project, has been hard at work clicking pixels into place for the last components for the game. We have also been polishing the all important instruction booklet. Here is a sneak peek of what the game will offer:SneakpeekBureaunauts