Monstrous Menagerie: the Olgoi Khorkhoi

Olgoi Khorkhoi

Power Level: High
Skill Modifier: +10
• Physical: 11
• Mental: 4
• Spirit: 6
• HP: 70
• Hand Size: 7
Damage Negation: -7, chitin scales
Melee Attack: Bite
• Damage: 20HP + Card Value
• Range: 5ft
Ranged: Spew Acid
• Damage: 10HP + Card Value
• Range: 30ft
Magic: Electrical Discharge
• Damage: 15HP + Card Value
• Range: 10ft x 10ft area damage, must be centered around the Olgoi Khorkhoi
Skill: Burrow
Skill Check: none
• The Olgoi Khorkhoi is able to move through sand at a speed of 10ft times the value of the card played.
ECD: 4
TCD: 1/party
Element: Mountain
Combat Action Suit: Clubs

Olgoi Khorkhois resemble gigantic worms, 10 feet long and 2 feet wide, with lamprey-like mouths and thick, blood red chitin. Inhabiting the most remote and acrid desert regions, they spend their time burrowing though the sand in a continuous search for prey. Having voracious appetites, Olgoi Khorkhois will continue to attack any creature they encounter until it is dead. Their acidic spray is corrosive and, if left undisturbed for an hour, will eat through any substance other than glass or magically protected objects. Olgoi Khorkhoi are known to devour their victims fully, leaving undigested treasure items or coinage in their intestinal tracts. The chitin of a dead Olgoi Khorkhoi can be fashioned into armor using the Leather Working skill (Primary Mountain), costing 2x what the equivalent leather armor would, but offering an additional -1 Damage Negation (see pg. 129 in the core rulebook).