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Strange Steeds: The Boar

Power Level: Medium
•Physical: 5
•Mental: 2
•Spirit: 3
•HP: 30
•Hand Size: 4
Damage Negation: 0
Melee Attack: Gore
•Damage: 6 HP + Card Value
•Range: 5ft
•Target is knocked down. Target cannot attack while knocked down, but can defend. They must standup during the next Move or Skill Phase to attack agaian.
Ranged Attack: Charge
•Damage: 5 HP + Card Value
•The boar dashes in a straight line with blinding speed towards its target. The boar must stop charging as soon as it hits its first obstacle
•Range: 30ft
ECD: 1
TCD: 0
For boss or named monsters only:
Element: Thunder
Combat Action Suit: Diamonds

The wild ancestor of the common pig, boars are much larger, stronger, and more aggressive than their domesticated cousins. They occupy a wide array of habitats, ranging from forests to deserts to swamps to plains and are versatile omnivores, consuming whatever food sources are available in the environ they are occupying. If captured when a juvenile, a boar may be trained as a mount, but boar steeds are rarely found at city bazaars and are somewhat costly (175 gp). Due to their size, most boars can only be ridden by humans of small to moderate size and stature; however, at the GM’s discretion, an especially robust boar may support a fully grown human wearing heavy armor.

Reminder: Mounts and other animals under your command require a separate “Animal Deck.” All animals under your control draw from this single Animal Deck for the animals Hand Size. Once this second deck is finished, discarded cards are reshuffled at no penalty (similar to a GM deck).


Monstrous Menagerie: the Olgoi Khorkhoi

Olgoi Khorkhoi

Power Level: High
Skill Modifier: +10
• Physical: 11
• Mental: 4
• Spirit: 6
• HP: 70
• Hand Size: 7
Damage Negation: -7, chitin scales
Melee Attack: Bite
• Damage: 20HP + Card Value
• Range: 5ft
Ranged: Spew Acid
• Damage: 10HP + Card Value
• Range: 30ft
Magic: Electrical Discharge
• Damage: 15HP + Card Value
• Range: 10ft x 10ft area damage, must be centered around the Olgoi Khorkhoi
Skill: Burrow
Skill Check: none
• The Olgoi Khorkhoi is able to move through sand at a speed of 10ft times the value of the card played.
ECD: 4
TCD: 1/party
Element: Mountain
Combat Action Suit: Clubs

Olgoi Khorkhois resemble gigantic worms, 10 feet long and 2 feet wide, with lamprey-like mouths and thick, blood red chitin. Inhabiting the most remote and acrid desert regions, they spend their time burrowing though the sand in a continuous search for prey. Having voracious appetites, Olgoi Khorkhois will continue to attack any creature they encounter until it is dead. Their acidic spray is corrosive and, if left undisturbed for an hour, will eat through any substance other than glass or magically protected objects. Olgoi Khorkhoi are known to devour their victims fully, leaving undigested treasure items or coinage in their intestinal tracts. The chitin of a dead Olgoi Khorkhoi can be fashioned into armor using the Leather Working skill (Primary Mountain), costing 2x what the equivalent leather armor would, but offering an additional -1 Damage Negation (see pg. 129 in the core rulebook).


Monstrous Menagerie: the Erinyes


Power Level: High
Skill Modifier: +10
•Physical: 15
•Mental: 6
•Spirit: 11
•HP: 100
•Hand Size: 12
Damage Negation: -10 (only if armored)
Melee Attack: Long Sword
•Damage: 20HP + Card Value
•Range: 5ft
Melee Attack: Spear or Whip
•Damage: 20HP + Card Value
•Range: 10ft
Ranged Attack: Bow
•Damage: 10HP + Card Value
•Range: 30ft
Skill: Whiplash
Skill Check: Highest Value
•The Erinyes can use a long whip to knock down one opponent, which must use the next Move or Skill Phase to stand up to attack again. While on the ground, the victim can defend itself but not attack.
Required Time: None
Duration: Target is knocked down until able to stand up in the next Move or Skill Phase
Range: 15ft
Skill: Guardian
Skill Check: None
•If the Erinyes is guarding something secret, she will make an illusion that protects and hides the object. Killing the Erinyes does not necessarily dispel the illusion and a character must use Detect Magic or a Mental Attribute Check to identify or eliminate it.
Required Time: 5 minutes
Duration: Illusion lasts one month before fading.
ECD: 4
TCD: 2/Party
Element: Thunder
Combat Action Suit: Diamonds

These vengeful spirits are native to outer planes like Hades and Tartarus and generally take the form of enraged, winged women armed with swords, daggers, bows, whips, or ropes that they use to entangle victims. Erinyes are often used as guardians of secret, sacred, or profane places, are dispatched by deities of all alignments on special missions, or are summoned by powerful spellcasters in pursuance of their own ends.


The Erinyes and 50 other monsters of the Classical world can be found in the Cards & Quests Bestiary 1: Monsters of Kos supplement. All of the monsters presented in this fully-illustrated, 42-page manual are associated with the system-free Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting and can be easily incorporated both into games that use it or other settings altogether.