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Strange Steeds: The Boar

Power Level: Medium
•Physical: 5
•Mental: 2
•Spirit: 3
•HP: 30
•Hand Size: 4
Damage Negation: 0
Melee Attack: Gore
•Damage: 6 HP + Card Value
•Range: 5ft
•Target is knocked down. Target cannot attack while knocked down, but can defend. They must standup during the next Move or Skill Phase to attack agaian.
Ranged Attack: Charge
•Damage: 5 HP + Card Value
•The boar dashes in a straight line with blinding speed towards its target. The boar must stop charging as soon as it hits its first obstacle
•Range: 30ft
ECD: 1
TCD: 0
For boss or named monsters only:
Element: Thunder
Combat Action Suit: Diamonds

The wild ancestor of the common pig, boars are much larger, stronger, and more aggressive than their domesticated cousins. They occupy a wide array of habitats, ranging from forests to deserts to swamps to plains and are versatile omnivores, consuming whatever food sources are available in the environ they are occupying. If captured when a juvenile, a boar may be trained as a mount, but boar steeds are rarely found at city bazaars and are somewhat costly (175 gp). Due to their size, most boars can only be ridden by humans of small to moderate size and stature; however, at the GM’s discretion, an especially robust boar may support a fully grown human wearing heavy armor.

Reminder: Mounts and other animals under your command require a separate “Animal Deck.” All animals under your control draw from this single Animal Deck for the animals Hand Size. Once this second deck is finished, discarded cards are reshuffled at no penalty (similar to a GM deck).