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Owl Con 2015

Every year in February, a special time in gaming happens in Houston–Owl Con! Rice University hosts a game convention that includes tabletop, board games, larps, and more.

The tabletop games always catch my interest and there were many good ones to choose from this year.   We got to play a Fate Core game set in old New Orleans.  It was an exciting game that ended on a steamboat along the Mississippi.   The Fate Core games I’ve been party to are always great because the system allows for telling very enjoyable stories.

Later in the weekend, we decided to go outside our comfort zone and participated in a LARP run by Mythos Houston.  A great group of people combined with a crazy plot made for a night full of shenanigans, that includes a cake being abandoned somewhere in the halls of Rice campus.  The setting was a wedding in 1920s Alabama (I guess we gravitated to the Old South games) that came to a horrific end in true Cthulhu fashion.

Fox & Ox hopes to see you there next year playing our games–Card & Quests and Bureaunauts!!